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The strategies employed by SearchBerg are purely white-hat strategies that have been field-tested extensively over the years. These strategies have a proven track record of providing positive results for our clients.

After the Panda and Penguin updates by Google, SEO is more content driven now than ever. At SearchBerg, we develop content based strategies for our clients; customized and designed from the ground up according to their niche, industry and competition. To put it in simple terms, we create premium quality content that:

  • Attracts new visitors to your website
  • Increases your weekly and monthly conversions.
  • Improves your keyword rankings across Google and Yahoo
  • Establishes authority in the search engines, your target audience and viewers
  • Enhances your company’s online reputation and strengthens your brand

SEO is a very exact science, that delivers desired results as long as all the search engine guidelines are followed. Our approach to SEO is simple yet effective. Our team has an in-depth understanding of Google’s guidelines and we stay up-to-date with the latest changes and newest algorithms as and when they happen. We make sure that your website strictly adheres to search engine guidelines. The end result? Improved keyword rankings, stronger brand image and a very happy client!

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Why Our Strategies Work?

Why Our Strategies Work?

Behind every client’s successful web presence is an equally successful and competitive online marketing strategy.

Our strategies succeed because we take the time to thoroughly research our client industries. This includes analyzing a website’s current structure and link profile as well as a detailed competitor analysis of other businesses operating in the same niche.

We pay close attention to the intended target audience when devising SEO strategies. The focus is on getting a client website the attention it needs from viewers, followers, customers and of course, search engines.

Only after gathering different types of invaluable information from different resources such as the ones mentioned above, are we able to confidently create a strong strategy plan to kick-start the SEO campaign for our clients.

SearchBerg 2 Step Process

The following two step process outlines our procedure

Step 1

Website Analysis

Step 2

Monthly Deliverables and SEO

Step 1 - Website Analysis

Every successful website strategy starts off with a critical analysis of the said website. This is a very crucial step that most digital/SEO agencies either miss altogether or intentionally rush through to save time and begin SEO. Doing so only yields short term results and leaves the website vulnerable to any Google algorithm updates and changes. The right way is to configure your website for long term results. It needs to follow Google guidelines and conform to white-hat strategies to sustain its rankings and results in the long run and that is exactly what SearchBerg is all about.

We carry out 40 proprietary checks on your website to ensure its overall health and give a strong foundation to your SEO campaign. We looking at a number of things in our analysis. This includes:

  • Hosting issues
  • Website structure issues
  • Canonicalization issues
  • HTML optimisation issues
  • Link profiling
  • Plagiarism and duplicate content
  • current keyword rankings
  • webmaster settings
  • social media analysis
  • overall website health

Step 2 - Monthly Deliverables and SEO

This is where we begin to create premium quality content that attracts visitors to your website, grabs their attention, gives them the value they are seeking. When viewers like what they see, they are guaranteed to come back for more.

The content that we create for our client website enables the site to swiftly climb the search engine rankings to the Top 10 spots. We understand that we only have minute or so to hook your website’s visitors. Our expert writers do this by creating clear, concise and compelling text that gets the job done… guaranteed!

Every month, we do the following for our clients:


Informative Articles That Build Trust and Increase Traffic

Blog Posts
Blog Posts:

Quality Blog Posts To Boost Traffic Coming To Your Website


Highly Creative Infographics To Bring New Visitors


Meticulously Designed Quality Videos that Create A Buzz

Press Release

Industry-Driven Press Releases that Build Authority and

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