Specialised PPC Set-Up And Management Solutions!

Pay Per Click advertising is a very specific and technical niche that requires careful setup, planning and execution. SearchBerg offers increased performance, high ROI, and measureable results with our PPC advertisement services.

You want better results from your PPC campaigns. We deliver! Whether you want us to fix your existing bad performing campaign or create a brand new campaign from ground up, we can do it all. We leverage high-tech tools to extensively research your industry, keywords, and ad copy. And then we create the optimum settings for your campaign, using our Cautious/Aggressive Strategy TM, ensuring the success of your ad copy. We’ll then continue to manage and tweak your campaigns regularly for continued success.

Specialized PPC Set-up and Management Solutions!

Every Month we’ll do the following tasks for you:

  • Optimizing Keywords
  • Managing Technical Bids
  • Refining/Testing Creative Ads
  • Monitoring Conversion and Fraudulent Activity
  • Geo-targeting For Ads
  • Supporting Traditional Marketing Efforts
  • Regular Progress Reports

You can count on our PPC specialists to provide you with the following management solutions

  • Offer thoroughly researched and well-implemented campaign tactics with our Cautious/Aggressive Strategy

  • Provide regular optimisation and campaign expansion services for sustainable growth
  • Create search-engine assisted strategies for advanced bidding
  • Ensure accurate ad copy and landing page testing for more conversions
  • Educate you and your staff on the intricacies of a successful PPC campaign
  • Offer you the chance to work with a Dedicated Account Manager for your complete peace of mind
  • Include troubleshooting services from our dedicated reps.

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5 Reasons to Choose SearchBerg For PPC Advertisement

  • Minimum PPC Investment

    Some companies have reservations about investing in PPC. Our job is to inform them of the process and to deliver results on their investment. SearchBerg has affordable pricing options that ensure you get to benefit from our PPC services for longer. For more information contact us directly or through the form.

  • A Proven Process

    Our simple yet powerful process ensures that bad clicks are eliminated and you are left with huge potential for better sales! SearchBerg PPC experts have in-depth knowledge in this field and the processes that we have in place for PPC have shown remarkable results for our clients.

  • Relevant PPC Traffic

    A key objective of our PPC strategy is to put your investment to good use. By analyzing traffic data, we will be able to do just that. You’ll know where all the traffic is coming from, and how we are getting it there. We assure our clients that their money is being put to good use!

  • Irrefutable Results

    Maximum ROI in minimum time… and a promise for continued growth in results. That is our promise to our customers. Other PPC services can’t promise all that! See our satisfied clients.

  • Extensive Experience

    Internet marketing has been our thing for a decade now! Get the advantage of our dedication for quality services. See our Case Studies available now.

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